Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Aero Series / Art In Context

Earlier versions of my website, along with countless other artists, typically presented our work in its "finished" state and it ends up simply as a rectangular image on the screen of your computer, tablet, or phone. But in the real world,  an artwork is almost never displayed alone and certainly has a relationship to its environment, whether to the wall it hangs on or to the people viewing it there. My current website attempts to break free from the rectangular confines, curate a white "digital" wall, and add more context to enhance your viewing experience. 

The hunt for new images to paint in the Aero Series encourages me to always look up (at the sky), out (at the clouds), and down (to the Earth) wherever and whenever I travel.
The Aero Series captures realistically painted abstract views and abstractly painted real views.
The imagery of the clouds and Earth unify the Aero Series, but so to do the colors chosen to portray the images themselves.

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