Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Skyscape Paintings See the Sky for the First Time!

My live/work loft in Downtown LA has the added bonus of a rooftop deck where I take occasional breaks, snap pictures of amazing clouds and sunsets over the city, AND do the occasional photo shoot of my finished artwork. The weather conditions and light were just right for a photo shoot recently and the half-day adventure was on! I've come to learn that creating the art is only the very beginning of the complex life cycle of each artwork.

Here are some behind-the-scenes pics of this specific stage of the art life cycle for you...

Essential Tools & Tips for Your Art Photo Shoot:
1)   Bring lots of finished art!
2)   An easel or two to get the art off the ground at the right height
3)   A backing board to provide a uniform background (piece of cardboard here)
4)   A length of 1x2" lumber to prop the art up off the easel ledge
5)   One or more tripods to mount your camera(s) for stability
6)   Digital SLR (7mp or higher) and/or your iPhone
7)   Overcast day with diffuse light (avoid the shadows/glare of direct sunlight)
8)   Sunblock...even when overcast you can still get burned!
9)   Lots of patience to deal with the wind, the changing cloud/sun
10) Even more patience to take way more pictures than you think you should
11) A willingness to carry all this up AND down 2 flights of stairs!